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Escondido Magic Mushrooms,Maris Sabina is a famous native healer who brought mushrooms to the forefront of the western world when she held a ceremony in honor of R. Gordon Wasson and his beloved wife in 1955. Since then, the world of the west has been thrilled with the wonder of the psilocybin mushrooms. However, the story of Escondido Magic Mushrooms did not start there.
This shroom (Psilocybe Cubensis Escondido) is a new variety originating from southern Mexico. It comes explicitly from Puerto Escondido, which is temperate and closer to the tropical area. This region of origin allows for a perfect atmosphere for wild mushrooms to be cultivated better in the Escondido region.
These mushrooms are characterized by, first, their brownish-gold caps and their lighter-colored stems. They are also straightforward to cultivate, and they grow pretty fast. Even growers report that the second and third times of cultivation have no difference in density or numbers from the first flushes.
The Escondido magic mushroom has average substance strength and is fantastic for newbies and psychonauts. There is an intricate balance between insightfulness and vision when ingested. Interestingly, there is a shamanic experience with the shroom experience, as reported by many who have gone through it.


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