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Buy Mushrooms Rice Krispy Bar 2000mg


Buy Mushrooms Rice Krispy Bar 2000mg

Mushrooms Magic Mushroom Rice Krispy Bar is the perfect alternative to eating magic mushrooms if you’re still looking to get that magic mushroom high. Magic Mushroom Bars are perfect for any occassion – start your morning with an uplifting surge of euphoria, eat them when you’re looking for that creative spark or enjoy one and unwind for the night. Each Magic Mushroom Bar is infused with 2000mg of blue meanie magic mushroomss and perfectly dosed. Made with the exact same secret recipe as their Canada Mushroom Edibles these Shroom Bars can never dissapoint with their fruity taste and uplifting high!

CONTENTS 1x Magic Mushroom Rice Krispy Bar
MAGIC MUSHROOM CONTENT 2000mg (Blue Meanies)
EFFECTS Euphoric, Calm, Relaxed, Focused & Creative
MEDICAL EFFECTS Depression, Stress, Pain, Insomnia, Lack of Appetite & Inflammation
DOSAGE Product can easily be divided into 4 x 500mg servings. Begin with 1 serving and allow 1/2 hour for full effects to kick in.

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