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Buy Hero Magic Mushrooms Online

Hero Magic Mushrooms Premium (Psilocybe Cubensis Hero) is another name for Hero Magic Mushrooms. It’s a strain created from high-quality spores. This strain is a cross between Penis Envy and Amazonian. The users experienced an exaggerated entourage effect as a result of the combination. This strain is a high-quality spore and the first successful cross-strain, which is extremely rare. Penis Envy is, without a doubt, one of our most potent and popular strains. Amazonian is another popular strain from the deep Amazon jungle, where Penis Envy was first discovered.
Psychonauts frequently refer to a large dose as a “hero dose,” hence the name “hero.”. A hero dose is usually defined as 5 grams or more of dried mushrooms consumed at one time. Users will experience ego-death and a complete loss of time perception. When you finish a hefty dose of Hero, you get a magical feeling.
The strain’s parents have strong genetics, as they had to survive in the Amazon rainforest’s competitive environment. Any fungi that survive in this region, the world’s most biodiverse, must be tough. Penis envy and Amazons are both pest and disease-resistant, producing large quantities of fruit.
Hero mushrooms have thicker, lighter-colored stems and larger golden caps than the original Penis Envy. Some caps are more likely to open, while others might remain closed. This mushroom strain’s genetics are known to have a high average psilocybin content. It grows slightly faster than Penis Envy but slower than other strains. This strain is resistant to contaminants because it is from the Amazon rainforest.


14G, 28G, 3.5G, 7G

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