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Trufflez is a mega-giant on the international cannabis stage. Funder of research and mass-producer of both common and rare cannabinoids, Cali-founded Cresco has come home to roost by utterly dominating the fledgling California cannabis market.

High Supply is 037 Trufflez Strain’s flower brand, and this Indica Shake is believed to have its origins in Gorilla Glue #4. Along the way, however, any flower that might have been has been crumbled into broken-down shake, resulting in a homogenized indica mishmash that at least smells like weed.

We’ll keep things in perspective here. The los angeles recreational cannabis market is only in its second year, and we’re lucky to even have flower on the shelves in california.

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Can I get 037 Trufflez Weed for Sale

Blair wasn’t a fan of High Supply 037 Trufflez Weed Shake’s flavor. Based on the chatter on Reddit, other California cannabis users aren’t thrilled either.

It basically tastes like what it is — low-tier weed ground up and stored in that state. Cannabis novices might not be in the know, but grinding cannabis before storing it a first-class recipe for drying out your herb and killing its terpenes, which are easily oxidized.

Users online report that High Supply Trufflez Weed Indica Shake 28g has an intensely harsh texture and a taste that’s just about as bad as that bag of weed you bought under the bleachers in high school that you’re still not sure wasn’t parsley.

  • High-quality buds, good-quality flavor
  • Texture is soft, flavor is great

Trufflez Strain Review

All things considered, I give the High 037 Trufflez Strain Indica Shake 28g an overall score of 4.2 out of 5. Other product types are priced more reasonably within the Illinois cannabis market, but flower and concentrates are ridiculously overpriced.

For this oz pack container of the lowest-of-the-high-tier “flower,” California Best Dosage Correspondent Trufflez Borland was set back $260. In the end, 037 Trufflez Strain Indica Shake got the job done, but it wasn’t a particularly pleasant experience. The top highlight of this product is that, no matter how bad it is, weed you smoke generally kicks in quick.

Activation Time

Once cannabinoids enter your lungs, it’s pretty much a guarantee that you’ll start feeling their effects within 1-2 minutes. Very few factors can stop or even hinder this reality from coming about. The mere fact that High Supply Gorilla Glue Indica Shake 28g isn’t exactly top-shelf didn’t do anything to impact its activation time in Blair’s opinion.

  • Fast activation time
  • Blair felt effects almost instantly

Effects & Duration

Blair smoked High 037 Trufflez Strain Indica Shake 3.5g to get to get active, and she tells us that her Cresco shake fulfilled its role perfectly in that regard. The effects of her buds lasted until she went to bed, and she found them to be pleasant.

I docked a couple of points for the cannabinoid concentration and product presentation of High Supply’s 037 Trufflez Strain. At around 15% total cannabinoids, you’ll have to smoke more 037 Trufflez Strain to experience the same high you’d enjoy with more potent strains, and shake naturally contains lower concentrations of terpenes, which might boost the effects of cannabinoids in various ways.

  • Adequate indica effects
  • Low-potency shake
  • Decimated terpene profile

Prices 037 Trufflez Strain

In an ideal world, a 28g can of shake of this caliber would fetch a price somewhere around $260. In Trufflez’s world, exactly twice what I’d set as the reasonable upper pricing limit for this product.

Just as we’ve seen in Washington, California, and other states that have legalized recreational cannabis, overzealous tax rates and regulatory confusion have made the first two years of los angeles’s legalized cannabis program a living hell. As recreational markets mature, they generally stabilize, but charging $60 for a can of bottom-shelf shake is egregious in any situation.

  • Sometimes overpriced
  • High-tier product offered at top-shelf prices



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