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Falkor Trufflez Strain for Sale

For small buds that are offered lower in the price range, Falkor Trufflez Strain hybrid weed is an excellent flower to smoke when you’re looking for strong euphoria accompanied by a pleasant, citrusy flavor. We found these buds to be easy to grind and even better to smoke.

Counterfeit products circulating in the market have done a lot of harm to the reputation of brands like Trufflez. At Westcoastnugz, we don’t want you to suffer at the hands of scammers. Our Trufflez weed for sale is available with a signature seal which proves the credibility of our products.Buy Falkor Strain by Trufflez Online

Falkor Trufflez Strain Review

We give Falkor Trufflez a relatively high grade of 4.2 out of 5. This THC-rich flower overperformed for its price bracket, and we were impressed by both the type of effects and effect duration of our Falkor Trufflez Indica buds. The flavor profile of this flower, however, left something to be desired, and the buds themselves were small and not remarkably frosty.

We noticed the effects of our Falkor Trufflez Weed immediately after smoking. The effects of these buds lasted at least an hour, indicating excellent cultivation and processing methods.Falkor Trufflez Strain for Sale

  • Activation time: Immediate
  • Effects lasted for: 1 hour
  • Negative effects: None

Falkor Trufflez Strain for Sale

Falkor Trufflez buds are listed as having a “lemon and trees” terpene profile. We confirmed this assessment after taking a whiff of this strain’s citrus, sour, and — indeed — tree-like aroma. Upon smoking our Falkor buds, we noted a light citrus and herbal flavor on the first few inhales. Exhales, however, had no distinguishable flavor. Overall, these nugss had a light herbal taste with no aftertaste.

We rolled a joint and smoked it outside, which proved to be a very convenient way to use our Falkor Trufflez nugs. The packaging these buds come in is ultra-convenient, and since they’re easier to grind and less stemmy, small buds are sometimes better.

Where to Buy Falkor Trufflez Strain?

At $230 for an Oz, these nugs are very reasonably priced — especially given the impressive effects they provide.



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