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Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulfonic Acid / LABSA



  • Appearance is brown sticky liquid. The product has the action of detergency, moistening, foaming, emulsion, dispersion and brown viscous fluid in appearance with acidity. It is non-flammable, quickly dissolved in water, not dissolved in normal organic solvent. The product has strong absorbency it would be unclear viscous liquid after absorbed water.


  • As the raw material of detergents, it is used to produce alkylbenzene sulfonic acid sodium(LAS), which has the performances of decontamination, emulsification,
  • Dispersion, wetting and foaming property.
    Widely used for producing various detergents and emulsifiers, such as washing powder, detergent of dishware, detergent of light or hard dirt, cleaner of textile industry, dyeing assistant, degreaser of plating and leather making industry, and the deinking agent of paper-making industry, etc.
Specification Standard
Appearance ( 25°C ) brown liquid
Active Matter (Alkyl benzene Acid) 96% min
Free oil 2% max
Sulphate 1.5% max
Color(5% am. aq. sol.) Klett 50 max
Water content PH Value 1% max

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