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  • Sodium carbonate [497-19-8] (Na2CO3), molecular weight 105.99.
  • More than the purity of chemicals in more than 99.5% (mass fraction), also known as soda ash, but the classification is a salt, not a base. Also known as soda or soda ash in international trade.
  • It is an important organic chemical raw material, mainly used in the production of flat glass, glass products and ceramic glaze. Also widely used in life washing, acid and food processing.
  • Molecular formula: Na2CO3
Product Name Sodium Carbonate
Total alkalinity (recorded as Na2CO3) ≥99.2%
Chloride (NaCl) ≤0.25-0.4%
Iron (calculated as Fe2O3) ≤0.004%
Insoluble matter ≤0.04%
Loss on ignition ≤0.5%
Bulk density (KG / M3) 900-1000

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