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Industrial Grade Aqueous Ammonia Gas


Refrigerant Applicable Transparent Appearance Industrial Grade Aqueous Ammonia Gas


  • Ammonia is used in the manufacture of certain dyes and applied in the dyeing and scouring of cotton, wool and silk.
    The Rubber Industry uses ammonia to prevent premature coagulation by stabilizing natural and synthetic latex during transportation from plantation to Factory.
    The pulp and paper industry use ammonia for pulping wood and as a casein dispersant in the coating of paper
    Ammonia is used by leather industry as a curing agent, as a slime and mold preventative in tanning liquors and as a protective agent for leathers and furs in storage.
    Ammonia is used as a refrigerant in both compression and absorption system. Certain characteristics of Ammonia such as high latent heat, low vapor density, chemical stability, low corrosion to iron parts promote its use in large industrial installations.
    The pharmaceutical industry uses ammonia in the manufacture of certain products such as sulfa drugs, vitamins and cosmetics.
    The petroleum industry utilizes ammonia to neutralize acid constituents of crude oil and to protect equipments from corrosion.
    Nitriding of steel for case-hardening.
Product Name Ammonia Gas
Purity 99.8 % by weight minimum.
Water / Moisture 0.2 % by weight maximum
Oil 5 PPM.
Packaging Packed in 50 Kg capacity cylinders.
Weight Gross Weight 122 ±2 kg
Tare weight of cylinder 72 ±2 kg
Cylinder Dimensions Thickness 6 mm.
Height with cap 1250 mm
Outer Diameter 368 mm
Water Capacity 100 lts.
Bottling Capacity 200 cylinder per day i.e 10 MT.

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