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Wedding Pie is an Indica-leaning hybrid with moderate THC levels and low CBD and CBG levels. The strain is a cross between two popular strains: Wedding Cake and Grape Pie.

Wedding Cake is a potent Indica-heavy hybrid known for its sweet taste and calm high. Grape Pie is also an Indica-leaning hybrid with a bright berry flavor and euphoric effects.

These two strains have parented many delicious strains, but their crossbreeding resulted in the perfect balance of flavor and effects that is Wedding Pie. Cannarado Genetics is responsible for crafting this brilliant combination.

Like its parents, Wedding Pie is a hybrid with a 60/40 Indica and Sativa split. So while it has some energizing and uplifting effects, the high is mostly calm and relaxed. The CBD and CBG levels are moderate, hovering around 1% each.

But the THC content can be high, as some report batches with THC percentages as high as 27%. But other batches can be as low as 20% THC, which is still decent for experienced smokers.

The moderate THC and CBD levels combined with the relaxing effects make this a suitable strain for newbies and veterans alike. It’s potent enough for experienced smokers but not too powerful for people with a low THC tolerance.

The top terpenes in this strain include pinene, myrcene, limonene, linalool, phellandrene, and caryophyllene. Wedding Pie has one of the most diverse terpene profiles and contains some rare terpenes that are not common in cannabis. This collection of terpenes results in a decadent and memorable flavor profile that people fall in love with.

What Does Wedding Pie Strain Look, Smell, and Taste Like?

As mentioned above, the terpene profile in Wedding Pie is bold and complex. It contains unique terpenes and rare combinations, resulting in a captivating scent and distinct taste. The best way to understand the fragrance and flavor of Wedding Pie is to try it for yourself, but for now, you can rely on the description below.

The most prominent aroma of Wedding Pie is grapes and berries. It has a juicy and bold flavor with sweet notes of vanilla underneath. While berries and vanilla may sound light and delicate, the aroma is punchy and impossible to ignore. So make sure you have an airtight weed jar to wrangle the smell!

The smell of this strain will want to make you shove your nose in the jar, as it’s a captivating and delicious aroma. The fruity and dessert-y smell is decadent, and you may notice subtle hints of pepper and citrus. But the grape and vanilla aromas overwhelm the more subtle flavors.

When you inhale Wedding Pie, you’ll experience an earthy and dank taste that lingers on your tongue. It has a slight sourness to it that fades quickly, but the grassy and spicy flavor stays behind.

People often report a strong pepper flavor when smoking Wedding Pie in a joint or blunt, as the spicy flavors come out more when rolled and not filtered through water.

When pulled through the water, like with a bong or bubbler, the lemony taste and pungent earthiness are more noticeable, and the taste is not as sharp. So the flavor profile can change depending on what method you use to smoke Wedding Pie!

Ordering Wedding Pie has an unexciting appearance. To some, it doesn’t look like the highest quality cannabis, as the leaves can look long and spindly. But the buds are usually dense and have a pale green color. Some batches will have yellow and orange trichomes that make the nugs look even lighter.

What Are the Wedding Pie Strain’s Effects and Usage?

Wedding Pie takes on the best effects from both parent strains, combining a calm high with a cerebral and happy feeling. The Indica-leaning hybrid makes people sleepy, so it’s best for nighttime toking. It delivers a serene and uplifted feeling that puts you in a good, no-worries type of mood.

Most people report a comprehensive feeling of relaxation and happiness paired with body tingles. It provides an excellent body high that relaxes your muscles and makes it easy to get comfortable. It’s often described as a cerebral high, where you may feel more creative or sedated.

Some people experience negative side effects when using Wedding Pie, such as anxiety, paranoia, dry eyes, or mild headaches. In the worst cases, users report experiencing insomnia after smoking Wedding Pie, which is rare.

Ironically, some people use Wedding Pie to treat insomnia because of its sedating and sleepy effects. It can also help with anxiety, depression, stress, inflammation, and chronic pain. It’s particularly perfect for pain because of the tingly body high it offers.

How to Grow Wedding Pie

If you’re interested in growing this dessert cannabis, it’s not a difficult strain to grow. The plants flower quickly, so the growth period is not too long, and they stay relatively small so they’re easier to manage.

Sometimes, massive and slow-growing plants cause problems for newbies, as more pruning and maintenance are involved. But Wedding Pie plants don’t typically grow higher than three feet and flourish indoors in a controlled environment.

When grown properly indoors, each plant will yield about five ounces. So the yields are moderate. You can get higher yields if you grow it outdoors, but the environment has to be perfect. It thrives in moderate light with high heat and humidity.

The buds are ready for harvest by day 50 and the blossoming period occurs around day 45. Expect short and bushy plants with wide leaves. The plants do not require much maintenance aside from maintaining a warm, moist, and stable environment.

You can still order Wedding Pie seeds from Cannarado Genetics, the cultivators who bred it, or find them elsewhere. Many cultivators and seed companies carry Wedding Pie feminized seeds or clones, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding them.

Also, if you want to get your hands on some high-quality Wedding Pie Strain seeds, here is a great place to try.

Where to Buy the Wedding Pie Strain?

Wedding Pie is not a rare strain by any means, so you can buy it almost anywhere. If you live in cannabis hubs like Denver, DC, LA, NYC, or Boston, finding Wedding Pie through a delivery service or at a nearby dispensary should be no problem.

It’s relatively affordable, as most dispensaries charge about $30 for an eighth and $130 for an ounce. If you’re a flower purist, you’ll be happy to know finding Wedding Pie flower is fairly easy. You can also find Wedding Pie wax and shatter at most dispensaries.

However, if you want Wedding Pie in vapes, edibles, or even pre-rolls, you may have more trouble finding what you want.

Places like Colorado and California are more likely to have Wedding Pie in different forms, but the available Wedding Pie products are overwhelmingly wax or flower. The reason for this is likely the delectable scent and aroma that lures people in.

If you can’t find Wedding Pie near you, ask your local budtender or weed delivery person if their company plans to get the strain soon, as it’s steadily growing in popularity. And if you can’t find it, Wedding Cake and Grape Pie, Wedding Pie’s parents, are decent alternatives.

Wrap Up

Wedding Pie is a lovely strain suitable for stoners of all experience levels. The sedated and happy effects make it the ideal strain for a night on the couch or some movies in bed.



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