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Smarties Magic Mushroom Cookie – Medusa Extracts – 3000mg is available for purchase.

Smarties Magic Mushroom Cookie:Medusa Extracts Psilocybin Cookie is made from the extracts of premium-grown Golden Teacher Cubensis. This delicious mushroom cookie is easy on the stomach and taste buds while enjoying the psychedelic effects of magic mushrooms! Perfect for a magical magic mushroom trip.

Strengths and Potency of these  Smarties Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bars

The strength and potency of magic mushroom chocolate bars are enhanced with a proprietary blend of mushroom extracts, providing a stronger formula for a more intense experience.

How many smarties magic mushroom chocolate bars should I take?

Dosing with magic mushroom chocolate bars should always be done carefully and respectfully. If you’re new to psilocybin, start with just one square to test your sensitivity. Experienced users might opt for two or three squares, but always consider factors like body weight and personal tolerance.

Keep in mind that these edibles are potent and can produce profound psychedelic experiences. It’s crucial to wait an hour before considering if you want more, as the effects can take some time to manifest.

Now let’s delve into the special qualities of these shrooms chocolate bars — each is enhanced with a proprietary blend of mushroom extracts designed to elevate your experience. Moving forward from dosage considerations, it’s essential to understand what sets these treats apart from the rest in terms of their unique formulations.

Benefits of Using Smarties Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bars

Indulge in the delicious flavors of magic mushroom chocolate bars while experiencing their powerful effects, with 15 squares per bar for easy dosage and convenience. Plus, they’re easy to purchase online, making it a hassle-free way to get your hands on these delightful treats.


1. What are magic mushroom chocolate bars?

Magic mushroom chocolate bars mix psychedelic substances from mushrooms with chocolate to create a trippy candy bar for adults.

2. Can eating smarties magic mushroom chocolate cause hallucinations?

Yes, the ingredients in amanita muscaria chocolates (or with amanita muscaria gummies) can trigger vivid hallucinations and alter perception, similar to other hallucinogens.

3. Are psychedelic drugs like those in mushroom candy bars addictive?

Psychedelic substances, including those found in some mushroom candy bars, have potential for misuse and could lead to addiction or mental health conditions if not used responsibly.

4. Is it safe to use psychedelic chocolate bars for recreational purposes?

Using any substance with psychedelic properties, such as a psychedelic chocolate bar, can pose risks like overdose or severe depression; always consult a healthcare professional first.

5. How do these chocolates compare with other stimulants like Adderall or LSDs?

Unlike Adderall or lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), which directly stimulate the brain’s neurotransmitters, psilocin-infused chocolates produce sensory alterations and changes in thought patterns uniquely associated with psychedelics.

6. Do magic mushroom chocolates have any health benefits?

Although some users report positive changes in mood or decreased rumination from using psychedelics responsibly under supervision, research on long-term health benefits of psychedelics is ongoing and should be approached cautiously.

Recommended dosage: Start with half of the cookie and wait up to an hour for the effects to kick in, or increase the dosage.

Suggested Dosage: Entire Cookie= 3000mg total

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