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Purchase SHROOMIES 1000MG Dark Chocolate Cups.

SHROOMIES DARK CHOCOLATE CUPS: Not sure if you enjoy the taste of magic mushrooms? No problem! These pieces of chocolate will make it much easier and more enjoyable to consume. Each piece of chocolate is carefully hand-curated to make your consumption experience pleasant from the very first bite.

Shroomies – Dark Chocolate Cups

Want to try magic mushrooms but not sure if you’ll enjoy the taste? No problem! These dark chocolate cups from Shroomies make consuming magic mushrooms easier and more enjoyable than ever! A tasty alternative to dried mushrooms, these psilocybin-infused treats are conveniently small while packing quite the psychedelic punch. Dark chocolate cups are especially great for those wishing to ease themselves into the wonderful world of magic mushrooms. They are also ideal for easy microdosing and for those who don’t want an overwhelming or intensely psychoactive trip. Whether you’re a nervous novice or a seasoned psychonaut, Shroomies Dark Chocolate Cups are for you!

Best Buy Shroomies Dark Chocolate Cups 1000mg Online

One pack of Dark Chocolate Cups holds two individual cups, each boasting 500mg of a premium psilocybin-infused mushroom blend. This blend contains Psilocybin Cubensis, a strain specifically chosen for its adaptable, easy-going high that provides a full, well-balanced experience. Users should consume one piece for a heavy microdose or both pieces for a full-blown psychedelic experience. Less than an hour after consuming, you’ll enjoy an enhanced mood as well as a heightened sense of creativity. These edibles also deliver a euphoric cerebral buzz that stimulates the mind and promotes introspective thought and self-exploration. You’ll get to experience general feelings of positivity in addition to newfound insights about yourself and the world around you. In larger doses, these edibles can even provide users with mild visual hallucinations and a distorted perception of time.

Dark Chocolate Cups  Magic Mushroom Edibles from Shroomies 

Shroomies is a company that aims to help you find the beauty within psychedelic mushrooms using their amazing psilocybin-infused edibles. Each piece is carefully hand-crafted to ensure a pleasant consumption experience from the very first bite. Using unsweetened dark chocolate and organic cocoa butter, Shroomies Dark Chocolate Cups allow you to indulge in irresistible sensations without compromising quality or flavor.


Let your mind soar into uncharted worlds with these dark chocolate cups from Shroomies. Try some today, and we guarantee you’ll be back and ready for more before you know it!

Recommended dosage:

one to two pieces of chocolate

Note: Please allow up to 45 minutes for the initial effects to begin before increasing the dosage. These chocolates will last a year if stored in a cool place, or indefinitely if stored in the freezer.

Contains: 2 x 500mg per piece of chocolate mushroom, for a total of 1000mg per package.

Ingredients: Unsweetened Chocolate, Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Soy Lecithin and Active Ingredients: Psilocybin Mushroom (Golden Teacher)

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