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Buy Moringa Tea – 7 Mushrooms – MushroomFx – 20 Servings


Buy Moringa Tea – 7 Mushrooms – MushroomFx – 20 Servings

Mushroom Chai – Moringa Chai – MushroomFx

This Moringa Chai is loaded with vitamins, minerals, natural amino acids, and a lot of other super nutrients that will do your body a whole world of good after taking it. Whether you do not want to have the magic mushroom psychedelic effects or sick of the jitters from the Keurig, MushroomFx gives you the energy and focus in a manner that just perfect. It’s like drinking a whole bottle of pure energy because it provides an astounding invigorating effect. It makes your skin radiate even more and it also helps to support your blood sugar level. This blend contains moringa, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, stevia, black tea, and some subtle notes of ginger. 

  • 20 servings of premium mushroom chai
  • Gold reusable and recyclable tin
  • 7 brain superfood Mushroom ingredients

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