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Buy Mastermind Psilo Microdose (15)

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Buy Mastermind Psilo Microdose (15)

Mastermind Psilo Microdose:Mastermind Psilo gives you a microdose of magic mushrooms in an easy-to-swallow form. Simply taking one of these can give the user energy and enhance cognitive creativity and mental sharpness. Some users may even prefer to take them a few times a week.

Each Mastermind Psilo Microdose comes with 15 gel caps, made for discreetness and convenience. Simply select your microdose and utilize the productivity hack.

Improve focus, concentration, and mindfulness

Mastermind Microdose

50mg Psilocybin

50mg Lions Mane

50mg Reishi

50mg Ginkgo Biloba

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