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Buy Mastermind Psilo Magic Mushroom Gummy Bear Microdose – 3000MG – Peach

Mastermind Peach Psilo Magic Mushroom Gummy Bear Microdose: Mastermind Psilo give you a micro-dose of Magic Mushrooms Gummy Bears is a unique product in the market. Simply taking one of these can boost your cognitive capabilities and memory, while you are getting a dose of tasty and tender gummy! Premium home-grown Blue Meanie Psilocybin Mushrooms if offered in 200mg dose in a format of mouthwatering homemade microdosing gummies!

Each bottle consists of 15 gummies (each gummy contains 200mg of shrooms):

Gummies Microdosing Protocol
Microdosing psychedelic mushrooms requires an accurate regimen and self-monitoring protocol. There are several protocols available out there, proposed by psychedelic gurus like: Paul Stamets, James Fadiman, Paul Austin’s Ultimate Guide to Microdosing Psychedelics and etc. Please do your research, set a goal and observe your cognitive shift under microdosing.

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