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Buy Lizard King Magic Mushrooms (Premium)


Buy Lizard King Magic Mushrooms (Premium)

Buy Lizard King Magic Mushrooms (Premium) :Lizard King Magic Mushrooms are a species of Psilocybe cubensis with a unique common name that distinguishes it from other species. This species is commonly called the Lizard King. The species was discovered in northern Mexico, and the tale of its discovery has proven inaccessible. Its exact origin story is challenging to confirm, but we can trace the name back to the countercultural movement in the 1960s.

However, it was later linked to Jim Morrison, a famous American musician. He was raised in a region of New Mexico where reptiles were abundant. Along with his love for reptiles such as snakes, lizards, and other creatures, it became a part of his life, earning him the alias “The Lizard King.” He was the lead vocalist for the American band called the Doors; he died in Paris in 1971.

Furthermore, these species are fast growers due to their rapid growth rate. Its effects on the brain are similar to those of other psychedelics. Its potency is estimated to be slightly higher than average. You can easily use it for indoor recreational activities and leisure time for reflective purposes.


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