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Buy Ginger Tea – 7 Mushrooms – MushroomFx – 20 Servings

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Buy Ginger Tea – 7 Mushrooms – MushroomFx – 20 Servings

Mushroom Chai – Ginger Chai – MushroomFx

A perfect blend of fiery ginger, a dash of cinnamon, and yerba mate produces the world’s most powerful superfood mushroom chai. This chai tea is subtly sweet, with all the flavors balancing out perfectly to create a lovely smell and taste. This tea is probably best known for its ability to help ease digestive issues, especially nausea. It could also help to reduce your blood pressure and aid in weight loss. This chai is rich in antioxidants and certain phytonutrients that give it an anti-inflammatory effect. Whether you do not want to have the magic mushroom psychedelic effects or sick of the jitters from the Keurig, MushroomFx gives you the energy and focus in a manner that just perfect. Consuming ginger chai comes with a load of benefits, especially if you need help easing digestion. 

  • 20 servings of premium mushroom chai
  • Gold reusable and recyclable tin
  • 7 brain superfood Mushroom ingredients

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