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FunGuy Assorted Sour Gems (4000 mg) is Available for Purchase.

FunGuy Assorted Sour Gems : FunGuy Psilocybin Assorted Sour Gems are made from the extracts of premium-grown Cubensis. These delicious gummies are easy on the stomach and taste buds while enjoying the psychedelic effects of magic mushrooms! Perfect for microdosing.

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Consuming these chocolate bars  may vary between individuals depending on weight, height, metabolism, and tolerance. 1up  Chocolate bar is easy to use. Simply break off a piece and enjoy. Also the effects of psilocybin mushrooms typically begin to manifest within 40 minutes of ingestion. Again the effects can last for several hours. And lastly please note this shroom chocolate bars should not be consumed by individuals less than 19.

FunGuy Edibles and Mushroom bars for sale online 

Recommended dosage: Start with 1 piece and wait up to an hour for the effects to kick in, or increase the dosage.

Suggested Dosage: Each gummy has 1000mg of psilocybin. 4 pieces = 4000mg total

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