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Buy Fryd Watermelon Gushers Sugar Sauce Carts


Buy Fryd Watermelon Gushers Sugar Sauce Carts

Fryd is well-known not only in the California recreational cannabis industry but also beyond its borders.
I was eager to try this ultrarefined sugar sauce Breathwork cartridge because it is one of the most revered brands in the WA market.
However, my Sugar Sauce cartridge resembled the online images, and I began to wonder how Fryd achieved such a high standard of purity in their distillate.
My Watermelon cartridge did its job well, but given its many flaws, I find it hard to justify charging $42 for one gram.

Watermelon Gushers Sugar Sauce Carts for Sale

Fryd Extracts is a revolutionary new disposable in the e-cigarette market. Get your hands on some fresh fryd disposables, straight from the source. Unlike traditional cartridges, the Fryd disposable combines premium distillate with live resin strains of cannabis terpenes for an enhanced user experience.

The 2 gram Fryd disposables are made from premium cannabis THC oil and natural cannabis terpenes. They come in a variety of sizes and flavors, and they all have the same calming effect. If you’re looking for a disposable cartridge, look no further than a Fryd cart.

Fryd Watermelon Gushers Sugar Sauce Carts Review

I had high expectations of my Fryd Sugar Sauce 1g Distillate Vape Cartridge. I wouldn’t say I was exactly disappointed, but I am minorly concerned.

Through the plastic window of my Sugar Sauce package, I could see that the components of my cartridge had separated. Up at the top of the cartridge was a crust of brown goo, underneath which was an almost full-gram sea of crystal-clear distillate.

Cannabis extraction is evolving all the time. Maybe there are extraction methods I’m not aware of.

In my experience, however, cart separation like this is usually due to the addition of filler ingredients or ultra-purification of distillate. When over-purified, cannabis extract no longer offers the entourage effect, and it often has a harsh taste.

Docking points primarily on price and effects, I give the Artizen Breathwork 1g Distillate Vape Cartridge an overall score of 3.8 out of 5.

  • Super-easy curbside pickup experience at Cannabis & Glass in Liberty Lake, WA
  • Cart was strangely separated
  • Reasonably mild licorice flavor
  • Very smooth texture
  • Unremarkable hybrid effects
  • Overpriced only because distillate was separated
  • Activated quickly and felt like an average hybrid vape
  • Designed to be vaped at high heat

Activation Time Watermelon Gushers Sugar Sauce

I immediately felt the effects of myWatermelon Gushers Sugar Sauce 1g Light sweet crude Vape Cartridge. Because of the ultra-smooth texture of Breathwork, I was able to get a deep, full hit on my first try.

When it comes to this Artizen vape cart, texture is genuinely the diamond in the rough. My cartridge had icky brown goo on top and tasted bland, but the vapor it produced was easy to consume.

  • Effects activated quickly
  • Taking deep hits is easy due to Breathwork’s smooth texture

Effects & Duration

I can’t say much about the effects of Watermelon Gushers Sugar Sauce 1g Distillate Vape Cartridge. It certainly contained THC, and I definitely got high.

What terpenes were present, however, didn’t seem to augment the effects of the Fryd cartridge considerably. I enjoyed a slightly disappointing experience that was more similar to the undifferentiated effects of consuming edibles than the rich, full, and flavorful experience that vaping cannabis concentrate is supposed to be.

  • Passable effects
  • They lasted for more than 60 minutes
  • No noticeable strain-specific effects

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