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Buy Dancing Tiger Magic Mushrooms (Premium)


Buy Dancing Tiger Magic Mushrooms Online

Dancing Tiger Magic Mushrooms (Premium), often referred to as the China Magic mushrooms, is a very new strain from a notable mycologist, Agar, on the shroomery forum. He got the spores from China in 2017, and the person who delivered them called them “laughing dancing mushrooms.” From there, Agar was pleased to call it the dancing tiger.

Despite the name, some folks still refer to it as Psilocybe Cubensis China—it originated in China and is the only known variety from that region. This variety has a history that has spanned over 800 years. How it got to China is still unclear, and even whether its nativity was Chinese is not clear. However, the depth of what we know is that the laughing dancing tiger shrooms grew first in China—southwest China, to be precise.

The Dancing Tiger Magic Mushrooms are a very fast colonizer and prolific grower. One of the unique characteristics is that the mushrooms have an oatmeal-like spec on the caps. This strain gives a visual and body boost, but it may depend on each person.

Its growth is recognized to be very fast, and it is a swift colonizer. It has an oatmeal-like style on the caps, one of its distinct characteristics. This variety has a high effect on the sight and the body, and it is also largely dependent on the person. You can anticipate average strength, and friends, or alone, can also enjoy it. This popular characteristic of dancing and laughing will follow suit.


14G, 28G, 3.5G, 7G

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