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Buy Caustic Soda Pearls Online



  • Caustic soda used as a raw material in the manufacture of soaps, detergents, textiles and paper. And likewise, in water softening and treatment, drilling mud in oil field, refining petroleum products, and washing beer and soft drink bottles. In food and drug industry, it is used as acidity regulator, alkali, impregnant’s pigment.
Caustic    Soda NaOH Na2CO3 NaCl Fe2O3
99%    Flakes 99.28%    Min 0.5%    Max 0.03%    Max 0.005%    Max
98%    Flakes 98.65%    Min 0.7    %    Max 0.92%    Max 0.007%    Max
96%    Flakes 96.68%    Min 1.2%    Max 2.5%    Max 0.008%    Max
99%    Solid 99.30%    Min 0.5%    Max 0.03%    Max 0.005%    Max
99%    Pearls 99.35%    Min 0.5%    Max 0.03%    Max

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