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The Blue Cookies strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid, derived from an Indica and a balanced hybrid. How heavy the strain leans toward Indica can vary. Some batches are only 60% Indica, while others are labeled as 90% Indica. Most Indica lovers delight in this strain, but smokers who favor Sativa are often split on Blue Cookies.

Blue Cookies comes from a prestigious family of strains. It’s a cross between Blueberry and Girl Scout Cookies, two widely popular and delectable strains.

People familiar with these parent strains will be excited to know that Blue Cookies holds all the best qualities of both strains. Even the grandparent strains are well-known and popular, including Afghani, Thai, Durban Poison, and OG Kush.

Girl Scout Cookies is undeniably an iconic strain beloved by many tokers. It’s a stunning hybrid with moderate to high THC levels and a sweet, minty flavor.

The Blueberry strain offers colorful buds and a calming body high, thanks to its Indica classification. And it delivers distinct berry flavors and smells.

While both parent strains have a THC content that hovers around 20%, Blue Cookies surpasses both. The THC content can range from 17% to 28%, making it one of the most potent strains. Both the CBD and CBG levels in Blue Cookies are around 1%, which is common in Indica-dominant hybrids.

Blue Cookies has a fabulously distinct flavor profile and aroma, as discussed in the section below. The scent and taste are thanks to the abundance of terpenes in the strain. The top terpene in Blue Cookies is carene, followed by pinene, myrcene, ocimene, and camphene.Buy Blue Cookies Strain Online

what are the blue cookies strain characteristics

 Blue Cookies Strain for Sale

The Blue Cookies strain is very memorable. It has a unique and potent flavor profile and a gorgeous appearance that makes it easy to recognize.

A bud of Blue Cookies is usually elongated and dense. The long leaves clump together tightly in chunky buds. Each bud is rather heavy, so an ounce of Blue Cookies may look small before you grind it up. The buds are not usually moist, so expect a drier, crunchier texture, like a cookie!

Some batches of Blue Cookies will have fiery red pistils running along the leaves. But plants exposed to colder temperatures will produce beautiful blue and purple strands throughout the buds.

From afar the buds can look completely blue or light purple, as the green leaves are not very bright or dark. The striking blue and purple strands can overpower the soft green color, giving the appearance of a blue bud!

The Blueberry parent strain is known for its delicious flavor and fruity aroma, and Blue Cookies is similar. The first thing you’ll smell when you open a bag of Blue Cookies is a sweet, fruity flavor and the earthiness of dark berries. You’ll get whiffs of blueberry, cherry, blackberries, and more.

This woody, dank smell gives way to a brighter and sweeter aroma. Through the potent berry scent, you can detect citrus notes, like orange and lemon. The berry flavor persists on the tongue when you smoke Blue Cookies, but it’s joined by the taste of vanilla candy.

While most people note the fruity flavors, the dense buds also deliver a mild skunkiness and earthiness that people relate to leather. But berry is the overwhelming tasting note people report.

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Since you know this strain can have impressively high THC levels, you may wonder about the high it delivers. First, people with a low THC tolerance should go slow with this strain, as it can be overwhelming in terms of head high. But experienced smokers with high THC tolerances will love the strain’s powerful and pleasant effects.

The experience starts with a hazy head high that will fade as your tingly body high begins. People experience different effects, but mostly the strain makes you feel relaxed and euphoric. While it can make you sleepy, most people report an uplifted and clear-headed high, ideal for Saturday morning.

A widely reported effect is arousal, as the strain can make you euphoric and social. The cerebral effects can be too much for newbie smokers but give experienced smokers a lovely head high, and can also make you hungry.

Blue Cookies is sold as a recreational and medicinal strain, as it offers many relieving effects for people. It can help with stress, anxiety, depression, pain, insomnia, PTSD, and loss of appetite. It’s common for treating arthritis, headaches, PMS, migraines, and gastrointestinal disorders.

Despite the strong head high, negative side effects of Blue Cookies do not include headaches or paranoia. It will make your eyes and mouth uncomfortably dry. It may also make you dizzy for a bit after a big hit, but this should fade quickly.

Blue Cookies Strain Reviews and Prices?

Stoner reviews of Blue Cookies almost always praise the beautiful buds and fun high. Even the most enthusiastic stoners and veteran smokers find this strain powerful, delivering a strong and noticeable head high that mellows into a pleasant body high.

The sweet taste of blueberries and other fruit is impossible not to notice when you take a toke, as it sits on your tongue and tickles your nose. It’s smooth on your throat, so it won’t send you into a painful coughing fit. For many, this is the best strain out there, delivering a comprehensive high accompanied by a tasty profile.

Many reviews highlight how stunning the buds are in color, texture, and shape. People love the soft green leaves with twinges of blue, purple, and sometimes red. However, a common complaint is that the buds are challenging to grind up because they are so dense and hearty. But with a little elbow grease and a quality grinder, it’s an easy obstacle to overcome.Buy Blue Cookies Strain Online

Blue Cookies can be tough to find on your weed delivery app or in local dispensaries. It depends on where you live and the time of year, as Blue Cookies is usually more available in autumn.

The pricing is standard, costing about $35 for an eighth and $130 for an ounce. But some dispensaries will sell Blue Cookies at higher prices because of the high THC levels and limited availability. However, most places do not do this, and you can buy an eighth for $30-$40.

Wrap Up on Blue Cookies Strain

Stoners with a high THC tolerance should consider looking for this strain at their local dispensary or on their weed delivery app.

Few cannabis strains have a higher THC content than 28%, a jackpot for many experienced smokers. The sweet berry taste and dank aroma only add to the enjoyment of this mouthwatering Indica strain.



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